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Working On… Zahn #2

It’s no secret that I loved working on Zahn #1, and that the book is one of my best-received comics to date.  I am very grateful for that. So naturally, I’ve started collecting my ideas for Zahn #2.  I know what my ultimate endgame is, but getting there is something I want to do very […]

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Working On… Spot and the Funhouse!

I have toyed with the idea of a dog boy for a long, long time.  Finally, I put pencil to paper and voila!  I created Spot! I plan to introduce Spot officially in a brand new series I’m currently developing called Stephane’s Funhouse of Fornication. Spot’s story begins when he is discovered locked up in […]

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Working On… The Match!

Work on Boytoon Adventures #1 is almost complete, and I couldn’t be more proud of the final result.  A whopping 75 pages later and I don’t think I’ve ever motored quite like this on any other project in my entire career as a comic book artist!  I’ve probably also never had this much fun on […]

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