Regarding Patrick and Commissions… A word from Alexis Halliwell.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of art from Patrick, please read the following information carefully. Everything you will need to know is here.

We should let you know that Patrick’s time is always fairly full working on new comics and existing projects! That being said, there is always time for something else, provided it is interesting and fun work!

Patrick does enjoy taking on commissions for various projects, but really wants to have a good time doing them…

If you have a RUSH job, don’t have room for the muse of creativity, or want an illustration to look “just” like something else, then unfortunately you are not in the right place!

However, if your timeframe is not last week, you have a good idea what you are after, but want further creative input, then read on!


Once a project has been established and accepted by both parties the following stages take place:

Reference Material: Provided by client along with a solid description of the project.

Rough Pencil Draft: Conceptual drawing(s) for feedback used to establish a base to work from.

Pencil Illustration: Used as a base for the final illustration. 2 revisions are included.

Inked Work: Black and White line drawing. 1 minor revision included.

Colored version: The final stage of the project! 1 revision included.

Delivery Format: 300 DPI High Resolution PSD or JPEG file on CD and/or FTP.


Licensing an existing illustration: If a piece already exists which you are interested in leasing for use, it may be possible for you to license that illustration for a set fee. It may also be possible to purchase permanent reproduction rights for a specific illustration providing that it is not already being leased or purchased by another client. Purchase price varies according to each illustration.

Standard License: Once the illustration is created, the client has the right to use it for one full year, without paying supplemental costs. After the initial year has elapsed, reproduction rights must be purchased. The reproduction rights fee varies according to each illustration.

Purchase of Rights: Should you wish to purchase the permanent reproduction rights once and for all, it may be possible to do so. It is more likely that Class Comics will sell such rights for illustrations custom tailored and created specifically for clients according to their needs. The permanent reproduction rights allow you to reproduce your image as much as you like, in print, on the web etc, but do not permit you to alter or re-sell the image. The artist also still retains the right to use the image for self promotion as he sees fit, but upon selling the permanent rights, loses the right to re-sell the image.

These are just a few points regarding commission contracts. Contracts for such works can be custom tailored on a per job basis.


The fees for projects vary depending on the complexity, intended use, depth and background of the illustration. Once the details of a project are agreed upon a non refundable deposit of 50% is required to start work. All prices are in US funds.

Some examples:

Black and white ink drawing of 1 single character – $300 to $500+

Colored drawing of 1 single character – $600 – $900+

Black and white ink drawing of a group of characters – $700 – $900+

Colored drawing of a group of characters – $900 – $1800+

Originals: The originals are not included in these fees. Patrick generally does not sell his originals, but arrangements can sometimes be made.


If we have not scared you off yet, then here we go! For a quote you will need to email us the following information:

General description of project: For an accurate quote please provide a good description of what they are after in terms of visuals & content. Please include as much information as you can of the following nature: The number of characters, if backgrounds are needed, color or black and white etc. If you have visual references please send them as well.

Intended usages: Please indicate the venue and scope for intended usages i.e.: Internet, Print, Merchandise, Advertising etc… As well the area of intended usage is required. i.e.: city specific, US, Canada, International etc…

Timeframe: Please provide the timeframe that is acceptable for your project’s completion.

Since you read this far, you probably would like further information! Please contact Fraser by following this link to Class Comics.

PLEASE NOTE: Patrick does illustration, but does not create vectored business logos. He can create the illustration for a logo, but it then becomes up to the client to hire a graphic designer to complete the logo and incorporate Patrick’s illustration within it. Photoshop PSD files can be provided.