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DEIMOS stroking animation!

Hey Guys… Just for fun, allow me to present DEIMOS jerking off!  My first (sorta) real attempt at a very simplistic animation of one of my guys…! Seriously, my hat off to those who do this sort of thing well and on a regular basis — ’cause it is NOT an easy process! LOL! Anyhow, it’s pretty […]

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Hey Guys… Just for a little year-end fun! Marvel’s IRON FIST vs Class Comics’ ZAHN drawn by yours truly!  I had a few hours to kill during the Christmas Holiday, so I whipped this up for my Facebook Fan Page (of course, the version on FB is sanitized a little)! I’ve always loved Iron Fist — he’s […]

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DEIMOS pumping iron!

Hey Guys! It’s no secret I’ve been crushing on Deimos big time lately. I’ve truly rediscovered the joy of drawing this big purple guy! I just finished this illustration of him lifting weights, and it occurred to me that it would make a great promo poster for next year’s new Deimos anthology series, “Tales of the Taro Demon”. […]

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Sexy SKELETOR nude!

Hey guys… I’ve been meaning to draw this iconic and deliciously evil hunk for a long time now! Finally, just in time for MOTU MONDAY, I’ve finished my sexy SKELETOR nude bust. He’s the fourth entry in my Masters of the Universe erotic busts collection, and I’m quite pleased with how he turned out… evil and […]

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Camili-Cat’s bound balls!

Poor Cam. I do like putting him through the ringer, don’t I? Well, I really enjoyed drawing this latest illustration of him… Makes me miss my cat-hunk and want to get back to his comic adventures. Soon. Very soon. Colors on this one by Hernán Cabrera and myself! Oh, and as a bonus sketch — here’s […]

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Convention Sketches!

Hey Guys… Recently, I drew some new convention style sketches for a couple of friends. I told them they could choose any male comic character they wanted to. I drew them on comic book backing boards (which I love working on for this sort of sketch!) And so here they are — Ghostboy, Superman and […]

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Classic STORM!

Hey Guys… I wasn’t going to post this one here, but a wonderful fan and fellow artist from Instagram asked me to, so here she is. One of my more recent ORORO MUNROE — STORM — illustrations, based upon her original Dave Cockrum design. Enjoy…! 😀 More from me shortly! Patrick XOXOX

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