Comic Books

Patrick’s Comic book creations!
by Alexis Halliwell.

He’s been called the Stan Lee of Gay Comics, and one only needs to look through his long list of published titles and accomplishments to understand why.

Patrick Fillion is the creator of Gay Pop Culture icons like Naked Justice, Camili-Cat, Zahn, and Deimos to name just a few.  Through his work with Class Comics, he and his partner Robert Fraser have managed to establish a company that specializes in publishing quality gay erotic comics that are easily on par with any mainstream comic.

Under the Class Comics label, Patrick has written, illustrated and published numerous erotic comic titles and continues to create new ones to this day.  For more information on Patrick’s comic books, visit the official Class Comics website.

Patrick’s comic books have been translated into the French language by France-based publishers H&O Editions.

Patrick’s comic books have been translated into the German language by Germany-based publishers Bruno Gmnder.