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01sons of the night - dead end-590x381

Sons of the Night – HOWIE DEAD END

Poor Howie. He worked all his young life to climb up the corporate ladder, putting in the hours, kissing the right asses, sacrificing all the right things… including his soul. And what did this get him? A dead end job, and a sudden, unexpected death. Shame too, ’cause that boy was HUNG! Killed while on his […]

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01sons of the night - blue moon-590x381

Sons of the Night – BLUE MOON

Hiya Guys… Well, Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s inspired me to create some new characters and illustrations based on classic monster themes. I call them my SONS OF THE NIGHT, and I’ve got three to reveal throughout this week! First up is my Werewolf character.  I call him BLUE MOON!   It […]

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PLAYING with DINOSAURS! A photo essay.

Boys never outgrow their toy Dinosaurs… especially when they are as AWESOME as the ones made by SCHLEICH!  After receiving a Schleich Parasaurolophus and Allosaurus from my parents as part of my birthday gift (yes — they know I am still a BIG KID at heart! LOL!), I recently completed a little photo essay called “PLAYING […]

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A new look for Space Cadet!

It seems that SPACE CADET is the resident Class Comics fashionista! LOL! He’s had more costumes than Marvel Comic’s Wasp! But I think I like to change his look so often because I never felt I quite nailed the perfect look for him.  This latest costume design pleases me, though. It seems a little more […]

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Bryce Peters Gallery

Hello my friends. As I prepare to continue working on BOYTOON ADVENTURES #2, I thought it might be fun to revisit some of my recent BRYCE PETERS style illustrations. For those of you who missed these two STRIPSHOW episodes, I’ve posted “Camili-Cat in Prelude to a Ruse” and “Space Cadet meets Jacko the Halloweener”.  Also […]

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My Indie Comics Fan Art Gallery!

Hello friends… Today I thought it would be cool to post illustrations I created based on the characters of some really amazing gay adult indy comic creators.  Here for your viewing pleasure, my take on Sean Z’s V’Riel, from his Myth series; JC Etheredge’s Tai from his Anti-Heroes series and Iceman Blue’s Midnightman from his […]

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My “Boys of Capcom” Fan Art Gallery!

Hey Gang… If you’re like me and you’re a video game fan, you’ve probably played some CAPCOM games in your time.  I’m a massive fan of the Street Fighter and Darkstalers lines.  Recently I’ve had occasion to create some fan art of some of Capcom’s sexiest male characters. Check out my renditions of Demitri Maximoff, […]

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