PLAYING with DINOSAURS! A photo essay.

Boys never outgrow their toy Dinosaurs… especially when they are as AWESOME as the ones made by SCHLEICH!  After receiving a Schleich Parasaurolophus and Allosaurus from my parents as part of my birthday gift (yes — they know I am still a BIG KID at heart! LOL!), I recently completed a little photo essay called “PLAYING WITH DINOSAURS” . WHAT SILLY GOOD FUN!! I hope you enjoy it and that it makes you “feel like a kid again”! LOL!

Playing with Dinosaurs. A Photo Essay by Patrick Fillion. Dinosaurs by Schleich.

Deep in the dense Jurassic forest, near the pre-historic ocean, Parasaurolophus lumbers…

…while a lone Stegosaurus grazes lazily in the afternoon sun.

Nearby, a pair of hungry Allosauruses emerge from the dense foliage. Their bellies rumble.

The Allosauruses keep an eye out for dinner…

… and spot potential prey.

The Ankylosaurus and her calf know there’s danger nearby. But momma’s no push-over.

Momma Ankylo is protecting her young. The Allosauruses better keep their distance.

The Ankylosauruses try to move along… but the Allosauruses are hungry. They push the Ankylosaurus and her calf to the edge of a cliff.

Still, picking a fight with an Ankylosaurus, especially one protecting her young, is far from wise, no matter how hungry you are.

Meanwhile, the young Allosaurs has spotted the Stegosaurus. He decides to test his luck.

The Stegosaurus is more than up to the challenge.

Nearby, the Parasaurolophus watches the raging battles, and wisely keeps his distance.

Preferring not to get involved, Parasaurolophus goes on his way, hoping to remain unseen.

Clearly outclassed by the Stegosaurus, the young Allosaurus retreats in shame. Lunch will have to wait for the young carnivore…

…but not for the Stegosaurus. The danger passed, he returns to his meal.

Momma Ankylosaurus is also victorious and the larger Allosaurus flees the scene. Now mother and her calf can get back to foraging for food.

Meanwhile, The Parasaurolophus may think he’s escaped danger, but nearby…

Spinosaurus is on the hunt for a tasty meal!


2 Responses to “PLAYING with DINOSAURS! A photo essay.”

  1. Greg | September 9, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

    That’s quite a fine collection of dinosaurs you have, Patrick. You did a fine job of photographing them, too.

    Schleich makes excellent figures. I have some of their horses and dragons.

    If you are at all interested in manimal figures, CollectA makes a nice series from Greek mythology, as does Safari, and Papo has a superb selection of manimal warriors. All worth checking out.

    I need to take my figures out into the garden and play with my camera, too. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. Brian | October 24, 2012 at 9:55 pm #

    I love dinosaurs and may I say your collection is very nice comparable as to what you see here and there. I don’t have a collection myself, I do have a few fossils, I think you resparked something in me to start a collection.

    Also the photogaraphy is very good, Ankylosaurus is one of my favorite. Thanks for the topic, it’s nice to see fresh & fun ideas to keep the imagination going as well as the kid inside us all. RHAAR!

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