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STORM – ORORO MUNROE dress-up doll

I owe STORM a lot. Because of her, this little French Canadian kid learned to read and speak English. She helped me discover Comic Books and fall in love with the art form. Storm helped me become a better artist because growing up, I must have drawn her like a bazillion times. She has always been […]

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Patrick Fillion & Hotcha art trade!

Hello my friends… Before you continue checking out this post, I need to warn you that it contains some pretty EXTREME sexual situations. So if you’re not into hard-core, fetish, rough sex, this might be a good time to close your browser. 🙂 But, if you’re a fan of my art and my art trades with […]

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ZAHN the bottom!

Hi guys… I realized I hadn’t posted any of my own characters here for a little while, so I thought I’d share this illustration of the Son of Winter from ZAHN #3… and it’s cum-soaked variant. Yup… I call it “Zahn: The Bottom” for obvious reasons! There’s nothing I love more than seeing a hunky, masculine, […]

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Naked X-Man, CYCLOPS!

Hey Guys… Been meaning to post this one for some time now… A sexy vision for the X-Men’s CYCLOPS by yours truly, half nude with his nips and knob pierced. Welcome to detention with Mr. Summers! LOL! Enjoy, everybody. More from me shortly! Cheers — Patrick 😀 Fan illustration by Patrick Fillion.  Cyclops is © […]

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Naked STREET FIGHTER, Charlie Nash…

You guys all know how much I love drawing those sexy male character busts, and I recently drew this nude version of CHARLIE NASH from STREET FIGHTER for a friend of mine. I’ve always loved this sexy character, and I’ve always wanted to see more… MUCH MORE in fact … so I took matters into my own […]

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Nude RYU… Happy Birthday Leon!

Hello my friends… Hope you’re all doing great and that 2015 is treating all of you very nicely so far! Wow — it’s been a long time since I’ve updated my personal site. LOL! The upside to that though is that I have quite a few new pieces to upload! 😉 It was my friend […]

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Happy Holidays!!

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to with you all a very HAPPY HOLIDAY season — Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! Thank you also for another amazing years of sexy gay comics and art. DEIMOS is looking particularly hard and alluring this Christmas… why not download these lovely wallpaper designs and have him heat […]

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