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Felinoids #3 is hot off the press!

Camili-Cat’s quest to find other survivors of the Felinoid race is over.  Felinoids #3 is FINALLY done and has been released! Can you believe it?! It only took me… uhm… nearly six frikkin’ years to complete this puppy!  Ah well, better late than never… so they say!  LOL! I still can’t quite believe it took […]

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A little Update!

Hello my friends! You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted anything new since mid August.  I apologize for the lack of new postings – but in my defense I have been a very busy boy.  I’ve been working very hard on all my comic book projects, and I am SOOOO pleased to announce that I […]

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Some of my fave Comic Panels!

Hello my friends… Just for fun today I thought I’d post some of my fave comic book panels.  I’ve drawn so many comic book pages for Class Comics, that narrowing it down to 12 panels was kinda tricky.  Still the panels I chose are really some of the ones I enjoyed creating the most, for […]

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The Request Line Wallpaper Series!

Hello my friends… Hope you’re all doing well.  Today I am serving up what I like to call “Request Line Wallpaper”!  HA! HA! HA! These six designs have been requested by some of you good people, and I must say, they were a pleasure to put together.  I am always happy to answer requests, provided […]

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Felinoids #1 now available from Class Access!

Hi Gang! So, if you’ve been enjoying Class Access and our Digital Comics, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve released 5 brand new downloadable editions. Now available and PACKED with special features are: Logan’s Porky #1 Logan’s Pornomicon #1 The Mark of Aeacus #1 HvH’s In the Blink of an Eye #1 Camili-Cat: Felinoids […]

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