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"I’ve always believed that men are every bit as sensual as women, and that to depict the male form in art is to draw one of the most beautiful things on Earth."


Who I am, and what I want you to get from my art.

I love sex and I love drawing male sexuality, but that’s not all there is to my work. What I adore most of all is creating characters that people can relate to emotionally; Heroes we can find endearing and fascinating as well as arousing. People we can fall in love with.

My goal is never simply to just arouse sexually. I want people who view my work and read my comics to be completely fulfilled. Aroused sexually, for sure, but also stimulated emotionally and engaged through characters they find undeniably captivating. "

Praise for LOVE LOST #2

“A TERRIFIC erotic comic!” - Gareth Johnson, MAINLY MALE -


“Sexy escapism! Fillion moves the story along dramatically… and emotionally.” - JACK MANLY -

Praise for GAY FOR SLAY #1

“Hot AND thought provoking.” - JACK MANLY -

“Continuing to set the standard for erotic gay comics.” - Gareth Johnson, MAINLY MALE -

“Simply one of the greatest comics ever made by Patrick Fillion.” - ADONIS, Satisfied Reader -

“Very hot read. 10/10” - QUAMAR, Satisfied Reader -

“Pretty darn COOL!” - The Gay Comic Geek -