STRIPSHOW collection covers: Pencils and Inks!


stripshowinks-590x381I love it when it’s time to collect all the latest Class Comics STRIPSHOW episodes into a single comic book volume. I love those 1-page comics SO MUCH because they allow me to write for some really talented artists, and draw a few of the episodes myself too.

But I also really enjoy drawing the covers for each volume of the collected editions… and STRIPSHOW: The Collection Volume 3 is coming out later this year… and I couldn’t wait — I had to share the cover pencils and inks with you guys. TAH-DAH!! OH MAN — was this ever fun to draw… it was a bitch to ink, but in a good way, you know?


STRIPSHOW: The Collection VOL.03 – Pencils by Patrick Fillion.


STRIPSHOW: The Collection VOL.03 – Inks by Patrick Fillion.

And for fun, here are the pencils and inks for the first 2 volume covers as well. Enjoy… more from me shortly!

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STRIPSHOW: The Collection VOL.01 – Pencils by Patrick Fillion.


STRIPSHOW: The Collection VOL.01 – Inks by Patrick Fillion.


STRIPSHOW: The Collection VOL.02 – Pencils by Patrick Fillion.


STRIPSHOW: The Collection VOL.02 – Inks by Patrick Fillion.

All art and characters are © Copyright and TM 2015, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


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    great art work

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